How to Pick Up Cougars

 Want to know how to pick up cougars? If so, the first thing to understand is that you’re actually making the effort to develop a skill that most guys don’t have a clue about. So you’re already on the roll… The first thing you must understand is that knowing how to approach women in general and how to attract cougar women isn’t some rare gift set you’re either born with or not.

It is however, a skill which can be learned just like any other skill: through consistent practice and “optimizing” what’s working for you and what’s not. But if you’re too lazy to go through all that painstaking trial and error, here are 3 easy to embed tips which will help you to learn how to pick up cougar women:

No.1 tip: Go Where the Fish Are

Yeah yeah, I know this might sound like a too simple advice when it comes to learning how to pick up cougar women, but most men still make the mistake of trying to approach women (not just hot cougars) in places where the competition is simply too high. For example: bars, night clubs, etc. all those places where women go and get hit on by 20 guys per second while they are just trying to hang out with friends.

Let’s make it clear, these places are great for practice. But we’re not here to run any table of statistics, right?

What you really should do is think a bit different. Start a conversation with the cougar you spot in unpredictable places, places where older hot women doesn’t suspect every guy who approaches and are more comfortable for conversation.

You’ll find the competition is drastically lower in places like coffee houses, parks, libraries and even the Gym is better.

Fact is these places set cougars to a less defensive mode.

2nd Tip: Build Trust First

This tip is one of the biggest secrets you’re going to learn that will help you understand the basics of picking up a milf or a cougar. You should build trust quickly!

HOW? you ask?

How can you do it while milfs and cougars know exactly the one (and only) reason you’re approaching them?

The answer is simple: do not approach them until you build trust first.
For example, if you’re sitting in a café, sit in a table next to this hot cougar and after a short while tell her you need to go to the bathroom and ask her to watch your laptop.

This will send a pretty accurate message, it will broadcast YOU trust HER.

It is a known human nature quality that when you extend trust to people, they almost always inspired to reciprocate trust.

Then, when you’re back from the bathroom you gently say thanks. Now she’ll probably be much more approachable.

Note: don’t take too long, use this opportunity to take a look at the mirror and see there’s no “spinach” in your teeth.

Extra tip: for best results, make a joke out of this and say: “I’m going to run to the bathroom, if anyone comes near my laptop, please destroy them.” After this, it will probably be much easier to engage her in a conversation…and then you proceed to the next level.

3rd and Last Tip: Use the “Gotta Go Close”

Ok. Now that you have a little chit chat going on. you want to do the following:
use the next SMS you receive or fake an incoming message that will interrupt your interaction and will make you “have to go” to some other place.
This way you create yourself an opportunity to say something like: “I have to go now, but I’d like to continue our conversation, what are you doing later on…?”
Plus you “cut to the chase” to see if she’s even interested at all.

In addition, since the conversation was interrupted, you’ll still be leaving her with the sense that you’re not a needy person, that you have your own life and that you and her still have something to talk about.

If you want to date a cougar, practice those given strategies, Remember that picking up milfs or cougars is a learned skill. And you will see a after a few attempts using those tips to pick up cougars, that you’re more comfortable doing these “tricks” and your self esteem will rise.
Don’t be surprised when other men will ask you for advice on how to pick up cougars.

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